The HAUNTINGS issue Launch Party

Blood Bath launches the HAUNTINGS issue, with readings, performances by the Dunce Witch, Markee de Saw + DJ set by Nova Scotia the Truth

JOIN US on Hallowe’en night for launch of Blood Bath’s third issue, HAUNTINGS.

Held in the notoriously haunted Edinburgh vaults, expect an evening full of ghostly and unnerving delights.

Alongside readings from the HAUNTINGS issue, expect performances by lauded saw player and cabaret artist Markee de Saw, DJ set by nightlife legend Nova Scotia the Truth, and a weird Seance hosted by the Dunce Witch, joining us to break the membrane separating this world and the next.

TRIGGER WARNING: This event will include acts that might be upsetting for those sensitive to images of blood and self harm.

Classically trained musical saw player, singer and cabaret artist Markee de Saw has graced the stage with her musical saw cabaret nationally and internationally. Her particular talents make for a striking and strangely beautiful act.

DJ Scotia is about sharing music that excites and inspires. It’s about looking into the past and looking into the future and merging different sounds to create a continuous mix. Blending genres and following instincts but favouring a dark, bass-heavy atmosphere.

And finally, join the Dunce Witch in a summoning of sorts; an interactive journey through all prophecy and confusion to witness the presence of the most sinister of things; ourselves.

Please join us for what promises to be a haunting (sorry I had to) evening, and to welcome our newest issue into the world!

Ticket price includes a 50% discount on the HAUNTINGS issue

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Blood Bath Issue One Hallowe’en Launch Party

In Edinburgh’s darkly opulent Voodoo Rooms, on Hallowe’en night, Blood Bath’s very first issue was brought into the world amid rapturous storytellings, spells and songs.


Photography by Sam Wood




Bodies were discussed, dissected and exorcised, with readings from the BODIES issue and beyond by issue one contributors Ever Dundas and Jelle Cauwenberghs, historical storytelling by Joyce Clark, and spell casting from performance artist and issue one contributor Katie Bootland (+ her coven Elaina Garcia, Katherine Henderson and Katy Lennon), as well as eerily ethereal music by Louise McCraw.


Louise opening the evening with some brand new material.

Her solo project launches fully in the new year! Make sure to follow Louise on Instagram to keep track of her latest releases and performances.




Witchy host for the evening, editrix Katy Lennon introduces Ever Dundas. Ever’s contribution to issue one, Miss West’s Requisitions, served to exorcise some of her own personal office-based horrors.


Yes, the eyeball was a prop used as part of the reading, and YES that is a real doctor’s coat, borrowed from Ever’s partner Cinn, complete with real gore!




With everyone sufficiently disillusioned with Capitalism, it seemed apt to move on to Joyce Clark’s socially conscious retelling of the familiar (to Edinburgh locals and enthusiasts) story of Burke and Hare, the famous ‘body snatchers’ (attendees now know to refer to them by what they actually were; serial killers) who, in 1828, sold the 16 corpses of those they murdered to the medical school at Edinburgh University for profit. We learned of the value placed by Edinburgh council on the clothing other personal effects, rather than on the actual body of a deceased person, how doctors and medical students alike turned a blind eye to these heinous acts, and how their crimes are misrepresented to this day.


Joyce had the room in the palm of her hand as she exposed the truly filthy underbelly of Edinburgh’s history with a dramatic flair.



Following Joyce’s storytelling, it was time to announce the winner of the costume contest. Many had dressed for the occasion, so competition was fierce.


Coven member Elaina Garcia.


Issue one contributor Scott Clark


Issue one illustrator Jo Ruessmann

But ultimately, the prize deservedly went to Morgan, who had made her own mask from just latex and toilet paper!


Picture from Morgan’s Instagram


Morgan won a grab bag of goodies; books, movies and general spooks, including a copy of the BODIES issue AND one of our limited edition prints!


A quick cigarette later, we were ready for the spell casting to commence.


Katie and her coven assembled to cast out things the room wanted rid of; exorcised concepts included the patriarchy, anxiety, and mediocre sex.


Katie dons the cape of unwanted things.


As Katie spins, the coven rips the paper bearing the unwanted thing’s name from the cape and shouts it aloud before casting it out.



In our final reading of the evening, Jelle Cauwenberghs captivated the audience with his chilling yet beautiful story of bat children.



Finally, Louise rounded off the night with a second performance, leaving the room with an air of strange beauty.



And it was then our evening came to an end! We had such a wonderful time surrounded by like-minded folk, celebrating Hallowe’en and horror. Thank you endlessly to everyone who came down to Blood Bath’s first birth, and who lent their talent towards making the night the spectacular success that it was. Hope to see you all soon for Issue 2….

But for now, please enjoy these beautiful pictures of a beautiful night!



Our trusty merch stand staff Gavin and Alison








‘Till next time…

BB x