Blood Bath Issue 3: HAUNTINGS


This issue is about things that haunt us. Whether it be colonial genocide, finding our place in queer history, living with mental illness or living in a world that seems to fear your very existence, the diverse range of contributors for this issue exorcised their hauntings in innovative and exciting ways. From a story told through a list of illustrations for a book that doesn’t exist, to a dystopian horror found tangled in a mess of administrative double-speak, HAUNTINGS is Blood Bath’s most ambitious issue yet.

Edited by Katy Lennon

Writing, poetry and visual art by: Corranne Wheeler, Ariel K. Moniz, Ricky Monahan Brown, Alice Pain, Hailey Piper, Emma Kathryn, SJ Lyall, Ruairdhri Wright, Zoe Robertson, Teresa Lobos, Deborah Wong, Chloe Bonfield-Lo, Elizabeth Sulis Kim, Beth Lincoln, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Kailey Tedesco, Cinnamon Curtis, Ugonna-Ora Owoh, Vanessa Roy, David Chance Fragale, Curtis Patrick Arnold, Julie Blankenship and Rachel Brand.

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