Blood Bath Issue 2: DEMONS


Print edition of Blood Bath’s second issue.

The DEMONS in Blood Bath’s second issue come in varied forms; some in guises, others unashamedly demonic, with scaly skin and blackened horns. Some take the form of a house, hidden within an unclicked hyperlink on the internet, or curled up inside the human brain.

DEMONS is also Blood Bath’s first foray into publishing visual art, featuring collage, illustration and photography, alongside our usual horror and genre short fiction and poetry.


Sean Wai Keung, Morgan Russell, Angela Forrest, Jimm Gerstman, Rafael Torrubia, Zuzanna Kwiecien, Hannah McCooke, Xuh Xyn, Hidden Ink Child, Jodie Day, Janina Karpinska, Hailey Piper, Ruairdhri Wright, Emily Still, Rachel Brand, Charles Cline, Aga Paulina Mlynczak, Heather Palmer, Nisa Malli, Mary Trodden.

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