Blood Bath Issue 1: BODIES


Print version of Blood Bath Issue 1: BODIES

Sites of terror and desire, BODIES have the potential to become havens of pleasure or hellish prisons of flesh. In Blood Bath’s maiden issue, a host of international contributors subvert genre and literary norms in their interpretations of BODIES – torn apart, transformed or consumed.

Thirteen startling short pieces of fiction and poetry as well as original illustrations by Jo Ruessmann make up the first incarnation of Blood Bath, an independent literary zine made in Edinburgh.

Contributors: Ever Dundas, Felicity Anderson-Nathan, Mary Crosbie, Angie Spoto, Scott Clark, Tiffany Morris, Kristy Falconer, Holly Lyn Walrath, Rita Hynes, Alys Earl, Jelle Cauwenberghs, Katie Bootland and Laura DeHaan.

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