What is Blood Bath?

Blood Bath is a literary zine; produced in print and EPUB, it is dedicated to exposing Scottish fiction’s weird horror underbelly, publishing horror/genre poetry, short stories and illustration.

Genre fiction has always been innovative, emotive and important; Blood Bath seeks to serve as a platform for new and established authors to subvert and defy its conventions. Horror is our first love, but we also accept science-fiction, fantasy and all manner of genre-blending concoctions.

We’re also interested in subverting the conventions of literary norms. If it’s too weird for other literary journals, send it to us.

Blood Bath is committed to being an inclusive publisher. We actively seek to amplify the voices of members of the queer community, people of colour, trans and non binary people, disabled people, and people living at the intersection of those identities. We here are also, however, always striving and ready to learn, as we occupy a position of privilege, in more ways than just being white. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Blood Bath is a queer-owned and (mostly) one woman-run publication, created in Edinburgh.

If you are a fellow publisher, artist or creative of any kind that is interested in collaborating, please email Katy @ bloodbathlitzine@hotmail.com.