Call for Submissions


Blood Bath Litzine issue 1: BODIES

Blood Bath Litzine is open for submissions of short fiction and poetry on the theme of



Body horror; Junji Ito/John Carpenter levels of gory existential dread.

The body politic; oppressive control over bodies; Snowpiercer meets Brazil.

Changing bodies; Jennifer’s Body, The Fly. Violent possessions, Weird transformations.

Body snatchers, visceral displays, personal hauntings; we’re into it.



Genre fiction; though it has to contain an element of horror. We are interested in fantasy, science-fiction, erotica…as long as it has a dark edge.

Experimental poetry or prose; we’ll do our best to print your original language or innovative typography.

Socially aware fiction. Stories that have something to say (or scream) about the modern world.

We also want to hear specifically from and about people living in the most marginalized areas of society. We particularly encourage submissions from people of colour and trans people, as well as women, femmes and other members of the LGBTQ community.


Contributors will be paid, at a rate of £10 per 1,000 words.


Prose – Max 5,000 words.


Please send only one short story and/or four poetry submissions at a time.


Submissions should be sent in Word doc format, Ariel size 12 point, and double spaced via email to

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